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Deck the Halls, Cut the waste: Unwrapping a Plastic Free Christmas

One person handing a gift wrapped in hessian and cloth to another
Plastic Free Gift Giving

8 simple ideas to reduce single use plastics, reuse and reduce this Christmas:

  • Zero-Waste Gifts: Give experiences, homemade treats, or sustainable gifts to cut down on packaging.

  • Mindful Shopping: Purchase in bulk to reduce packaging, and choose items with minimal or recyclable packaging.

  • DIY Delights: Create homemade goodies and treats, packaged in reusable containers.

  • Wrap Responsibly: Opt for reusable gift wrap or use newspaper, cloth, or scarves for a unique touch. Use paper instead of bubble wrap.

  • Reusable Decorations: Choose durable, long-lasting decorations instead of disposable ones. Ditch the tinsel, go retro with paper chains!

  • Keep the end in mind: Don't buy cards and paper wrapped in plastic or decorated with glitter or plastic jewels, they can't be recycled

  • Tape is up: Replace plastic based tape with paper tape, some even come with festive patterns on them!

  • Green scene: Substitute ribbons and bows with festive touches from the garden.

Make Your Own Gifts and Treats

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