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Single Use Plastic Free Soil – a visit to Rivar Sand & Gravel

I needed some soil last week for a new vegetable planter that I’m building, but didn’t want to buy the soil in plastic bags, so off I went to Rivar Sand and Gravel with my trusty spade and a few containers in the back of my car.   I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

soil collection at Rivar - a bucket and a spade

Here’s the process:

  1. Drive to Rivar Sand and Gravel.  It’s behind Thatcham Garden Centre.  (RG18 3AN)

  2. Drive in, up on the ramp and onto the vehicle weigher (I’m pretty sure there is a more appropriate name for that, but let’s not get technical)

  3. Someone in the office will weigh your car and give you the thumbs up when you can drive off again

  4. Pull up next to the soil or compost or gravel you want.  There are three types of soil/compost 1) screening soil, 2) green compost 3) soil/compost blend and many types of gravel or sand.

  5. Fill you containers with the item you want and can lift back into the car.

  6. Drive back around to the vehicle weigher and wait for the thumbs up again.

  7. Pop into the office and pay (no, it wasn't expensive).

Car on the weigh bridge

It’s so easy, single use plastic free and dare I say it – so much more fun than picking up a bag of compost that you can hardly carry and struggling to get it in the car.  Plus and very importantly all the compost is peat free – so you aren’t destroying the peatland environment either!

Plastic Free Champion Certificate


To collect your plastic free soil, remember to bring:

-          A spade or shovel

-          Your own reusable trugs / buckets / containers

-          Shoes you don’t mind getting a little grubby – you will be standing in soil after all 😊

Have you been to Rivar Sand and Gravel to collect your garden materials?  If so what is your experience?

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