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The Story of West Berkshire Sustainable Community & Eco Friends

The West Berkshire Sustainable Community started with two separate initiatives created by local residents looking to achieve Plastic Free Community Status across both Thatcham and Newbury.  

When meeting, the group agreed that it wanted to set it's sights further than singe use plastics and to take up the challenge of making not only Thatcham and Newbury, but the whole of West Berkshire, a greener place to live, and so in 2021, the West Berkshire Sustainable Community, (WBSC) was founded.

The group has two aims:

1) to help businesses, schools and community groups in the West Berkshire area reduce their single use plastic and carbon footprint, in partnership with the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Communities Network.   

2) help the people of West Berkshire reduce their carbon footprint by reducing, refilling, reusing, repairing and recycling, helping to keep waste out of landfill and promoting the circular economy.​

This Group is run entirely by volunteers, providing help and guidance as well as a forum where everyone can come together to help each other towards more sustainable methods of practice.

​In 2023 we decided to change our name to Eco Friends, as we felt that West Berkshire Sustainable Community was a bit of a mouthful.  Hopefully Eco Friends is easier to remember and ensures everyone knows we are a friendly group of volunteers. 

Meet The Team

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Nikki Coome

Chair Person

Chair of Eco Friends (West Berkshire).  Nikki is a freelance Project Manager at Inca Homes, specialising in Property Refurbishment.  She has a passion for for the protection of wildlife and their habitats

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