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Plastic Free Allies

To join our Plastic Free Allies you need to be a large business or franchise, a community space, organisation, communication or event, or a school, college or university.

What Is A Plastic Free Ally?

Our Plastic Free Allies are essential to helping us raise awareness and provide support for plastic free initiatives within the community.

What do I need to do to become a Plastic Free Ally?

Simply contact us using the form below and we will drop you an email with the information needed to sign you up. 

We will ask you to sign a Plastic Free Pledge which will ask you to commit to:

  1. Work to remove at least three single-use plastic items from our day to day activities.

  2. Commit to include our stance on single-use plastic in communications

  3. Raise awareness and support plastic free initiatives in the community.

We will need to understand how you currently or will help us spread awareness and/or support plastic free initiatives in the local community.

Plastic Free Pledge Image.JPG

Inspire Me

We know it may not be easy finding alternatives for single use plastic, so we've created an inspiration board for ideas.

Need Some Help?

Need some help signing us or with ideas, why not contact us.

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