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How to Plant Your Wildflower Seeds

We hope you enjoy your seeds from the West Berkshire Sustainable Community, the seeds have been mixed with horticultural sand to make it easier to sow.

They are a mix of native bee friendly British meadow seeds, containing 13 wildflowers (perennials and annuals) and 7 grass specials.


The seeds in this pack will cover approx 1m² and can are best to be sown in the autumn before the frosts start when the ground is warm and will not dry out quickly.

To prepare the soil clear all weeds and grass and loosen the top layer of soil removing any roots and stones.

Wildflowers like poor soil so do not supplement the area with compost, fertiliser, top soil or nutrients.

Scatter the seeds over the prepared ground keeping the seeds low so they don’t blow away, the sand should make it easier to see where you have covered and will help carry the seeds to the ground.

Rake the area over to bed the seeds into the ground.

Water the seeds well especially if the ground is very dry.

Keep your wildflower patch clear of leaves until they start to germinate.

Sit back and wait for the spring and enjoy your lovely flowers and the insects they bring to your wildflower garden. Some will come up in year 1 and others in year 2, making it all the more exciting.

Thank you

A huge thank you to Thatcham Garden Centre for donating these amazing wild flower seeds and help us help insects and all wildlife thrive.

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